Air conditioners are necessary to keep your home cool and comfortable. You may be asking yourself which type of AC is best for you. Window air conditioners, or “window units,” are typically cheaper than split air systems, But many people find them less powerful.

Split ACs use a remote compressor and they’re more efficient than window units because the cold air doesn’t have to travel through your house. Often times homeowners opt for a mix of both types: in some rooms, they will use a window unit, and in other rooms, a split system.

Which type of AC do you need?

Which type of AC do you need depends on the size of your house. Do you need an AC to cool your entire home? If so, window units are the best choice. If you have a smaller house and only need a small area to cool, you can turn to a split system.

However, if you have a larger house or several rooms to cool, it may be better to use window units. Types of AC Most window air conditioners are full-window units, but you can also find split-system units, which can include a window unit in addition to a separate room compressor.

Split air conditioning systems come in the form of a downstairs unit with a separate condensing unit for each room in the house. With a split system, each room can receive its own cool air, and they’re more efficient.

Window vs. Split ACs

Split AC systems have two small compressors: one above the window unit and one below. The opposite is true of window units. Split systems usually run quieter, since the compressor doesn’t go inside your home and have to be quieter.

However, they can take longer to cool down your home, because the air goes through your home instead of being piped in through the window. Window units are generally less expensive and give you more value for money.

Their air goes through a single panel of the window, so it cools your whole house more quickly. However, if your house has windows all the way around, a window unit may not be the right choice. They require more energy to heat up that side of the house than the other sides of the house, which is why they’re generally more expensive.

Benefits of Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners keep you cool year-round. This type of air conditioning unit is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it takes up less space than a split AC, which can quickly become outdated. But they are less efficient than split air units.

A window unit will cost you more to run than a split air unit. Window air conditioners are heavier than split ACs. They need a wobbly or wet window sill to operate, and some windows cannot be opened more than a few inches.

Benefits of Split Air Conditioners Split air units can be quieter than window units. They often get the job done in quieter rooms. Split air units are less bulky than window units, and they’re often self-adjusting.

Benefits of Split Air Conditioners

Split air conditioners are more economical, and they can be energy efficient as well. They do take up more room than windows units, but it’s not necessarily a drawback because they are often integrated into the home so well.

They are easier to install because the glass door can be removed and replaced. They also tend to be much quieter. Because the window doesn’t have to run continuously and continuously move cool air through the house, it doesn’t generate as much noise as a window air conditioner.

In addition, the windows can be arranged in various ways, and you can even have curtains that come with them. Split Air Conditioners vs. Window Air Conditioners If you have space, a window AC can be a nice, quiet and energy-efficient option.

When to Use a Window Unit?

Unless you have an extremely large home with large windows, you likely won’t notice a difference when using a window unit in a bedroom. In the warmer months, you can get away with using a window unit in your bedroom if your house has central AC.

You could use a window unit in the living room, kitchen, and more. However, it’s important to remember that window units don’t cool the whole room as effectively as split systems do. If you have a large house, and you only need to cool one room, you may be better off with a split system.

In some cases, it’s not even recommended to use a window unit in a bedroom. When to Use a Split System? It’s a common misconception that you can only use split systems in the summer months.

When to Use a Split AC?

Sometimes, your air conditioner will need to be split because of the size of the space in your house. For instance, if you have a large basement with lots of space, you might want to install a split AC. Window units may be more appropriate for smaller rooms such as a room in your kitchen or a bedroom.

Of course, window units don’t work as well in the heat of summer. You should use them in fall or spring. However, if you live in a hot area during the summer, a split system may be the better choice. You can install a split system with an AC and a humidifier in a bathroom or a kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Split AC System? Look for features such as remote compressor, greater cooling capacity, or split system compatibility.


There are many, many differences between split and window air conditioners. While both types of air conditioners are used to keep your home cool during the summer, they have very different features and functions.

Even though you can’t really tell the difference when it comes to using them in your home or office, the differences between these two types of air conditioners are significant.

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